Samsung Remote Control (AA59-00441A) for Select Samsung Smart TVs - Black

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Samsung OEM Remote Control. All Black color. Model: (AA59-00441A). Requires 2x AAA batteries (No batteries included).

Compatible with LT22B350ND, LT22B350ND/ZA, LT24B350ND, LT24B350ND/ZA, LT24D310NHL/ZA, LT27B350ND, LT27B350ND/ZA, LT28D310NH/ZA PN43E440, PN43E440A2F, PN43E440A2FXZA, PN43E450, PN43E450A1F, PN43E450A1FXZA, PN43E450A1FXZATS02, PN43F4500AF, PN43F4500AFXZA, PN43F4550AF, PN43F4550AFXZA, PN51E440, PN51E440A2F,PN51E440A2FXZA, PN51E450, PN51E450A1F, PN51E450A1FXZA, PN51E450A1FXZATD02, PN51E530, PN51E530A3F, PN51E530A3FXZA, PN51E530A3FXZASS01, PN51E530A3FXZATD04, PN51E535, PN51E535A3F, PN51E535A3FXZA, PN51E550D1FXZA, PN51F4500AF, PN51F4500AFXZA, PN51F4550, PN51F4550AF, PN51F4550AFXZA, PN51F5300, PN51F5300AF, PN51F5300AFXZA, PN51F5350, PN51F5350AF, PN51F5350AFXZA, PN60E530, PN60E530A3F, PN60E530A3FXZA, PN60E530A3FXZATS01, PN60E530A3FXZATS02, PN60E535, PN60E535A3F, PN60E535A3FXZA,PN60F5300, PN60F5300 PN60F5300AF, PN60F5300AFX, PN60F5300AFXZA, PN60F5350AF, PN60F5350AFXZA, PN64F5300, PN64F5300AF, PN64F5300AFXZA, T22B350ND, T24B350ND, T24D310, T24D310NH, T27B350ND, T28D310NH, UN19F4000, UN19F4000AF, UN19F4000AFXZA, UN22F5000, UN22F5000AF, UN22F5000AFXZA, UN24H4000, UN24H4000AF, UN24H4000AFXZA, UN26EH4000, UN26EH4000F, UN26EH4000FXZA, UN26EH4000FXZACS01, UN28H4000, UN28H4000AF, UN28H4000AFXZA, UN29F4000, UN29F4000AF, UN29F4000AFXZA, UN32EH4000, UN32EH4000F, UN32EH4000FXZA, UN32EH4000FXZACS01, UN32EH4050F, UN32EH4050FXZA, UN32EH5000, UN32EH5000F, UN32EH5000FXZA, UN32EH5000FXZATS01, UN32F5000,UN32F5000, UN32F5000AF, UN32F5000AFXZA, UN32F5050, UN32F5050AF, UN32F5050AFXZA, UN32H4003FXZA, UN37EH5000, UN37EH5000F, UN37EH5000FXZA, UN39FH5000, UN39FH5000F, UN39FH5000FXZA, UN40EH5000, UN40EH5000F, UN40EH5000FXZA, UN40EH5050, UN40EH5050F, UN40EH6000, UN40EH6000F, UN40EH6000FXZA, UN40EH6000FXZATS02, UN40EH6050, UN40EH6050F, UN40EH6050FXZA, UN40F5000, UN40F5000AF, UN40F5000AFXZA, UN40H4005, UN40H4005AF, UN40H4005AFXZA, UN46EH5000, UN46EH5000F, UN46EH5000FXZA, UN46EH5050, UN46EH5050F, UN46EH5050FXZA, UN46EH6000, UN46EH6000F, UN46EH6000FXZA, UN46EH6000FXZACS01, UN46EH6000FXZATS02, UN46F5000AF, UN46F5000AFXZA, UN48H4005, UN48H4005AF, UN48H4005AFXZA, UN50EH5000, UN50EH5000F, UN50EH5000FXZA, UN50EH5000V, UN50EH5000VXZA, UN50EH5050, UN50EH5050F, UN50EH5050FXZA, UN50EH6000, UN50EH6000F, UN50EH6000FXZA, UN50EH6000FXZACH01, UN50EH6050, UN50EH6050F, UN50EH6050FXZA, UN50F5000, UN50F5000AF, UN50F5000AFXZA,UN55EH6000, UN55EH6000F, UN55EH6000FXZA, UN55EH6000FXZACH01, UN55EH6000FXZATH02, UN55EH6050, UN55EH6050F, UN55EH6050FXZA, UN55ES6150, UN55ES6150F, UN55ES6150FXZA, UN58H5005, UN58H5005AF, UN58H5005AFXZA, UN60EH6000F, UN60EH6000FXZA, UN60EH6000FXZAHS01, UN60EH6050, UN60EH6050F, UN60EH6050FXZA, UN65EH6000, UN65EH6000F, UN65EH6000FXZA, UN65EH6050, UN65EH6050F, UN65EH6050FXZA
Model Number: AA59-00441A

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Very Good

Devices have passed all functional tests performed. They will exhibit more noticeable cosmetic blemishes. Backed by our no hassle, free 30-days return policy and a 90 day warranty against and manufacturer defects.

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