According to the United Nations, a record 53.6 million tons of e-waste was produced globally in 2019 and global e-waste volumes grew by 21% between 2104 and 2019. E-waste is used electronics that have neared the end of their lifecycle and have been discarded, donated or given to a recycler. 

We care about the planet, so obviously we're not fans of e-waste. We combat this global dilemma by selling refurbished electronics.

Refurbished electronic products are those that have been used before and then cleaned to look like new and tested to ensure functionality. At Simple Cell, we're proud to be a trusted seller of refurbished and open box products. Here's how we do it:

The Testing.

Our Apple-certified repair technicians put every device through a 20+ testing point touch process to ensure for full functionality.

The Packaging.

Once tested, the electronic items are cleaned and repaired by our technicians. They are then carefully packaged and shipped from our warehouse.

The Guarantee.

Every refurbished item comes with our 90-day warranty and 30-day return policy. 

The Benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of buying a refurbished electronic is how much money you can save. According to Andrew Chen, senior tech editor for Slickdeals, buying refurbished products can save consumers 30%-60%. In addition to saving money, you can also save the planet by reducing the amount of e-waste that goes into our landfills.

Other benefits of buying refurbished electronics include that they function like a new device (after being thoroughly inspected), they come with  a warranty, and because it's most likely not a new release, you can read customer reviews to know exactly what you're getting.