Meet the Simple Cell Staff: Jonathan Bitterli

This is the twelfth post in our "Meet the Simple Cell Staff" series that highlights our amazing company members. 

As a self-proclaimed music nerd, when Product Photographer/Graphic Designer Jonathan Bitterli isn't taking pictures of all the products for the Simple Cell website, or helping with data entry and listings, he's writing, producing and publishing his own tracks. He calls the genre "some kind of plunderphonics stuff."

He also spends a lot of money and time creating and editing music and videos. "I have, so far: 4 mixing boards, 7 microphones (about to be 8 pretty soon) and almost a grand in audio plugins and software. Same deal for my video production stuff," he says.

Get to know more about Jonathan below:

I've worked at Simple Cell since:

December 2020

What I really enjoy about working at Simple Cell is:

The workplace environment is chill, everyone is nice, and the overall vibe here is chill.

If I could recommend a product from the Simple Cell shop, it would be:

My favorite song is:

Too hard to pick. I listen to a lot of different styles and genres. If I had to pick, probably "Moanin'" from the Mingus Big Band

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be:

Italian sub or something (too hard to pick) 

Some other interesting facts about me are:

Currently attending college to get a degree in Computer Science. I have a knack for coding and problem solving.


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