Meet the Simple Cell Staff: Herman Frome 5th

This is the eighth post in our "Meet the Simple Cell Staff" series that highlights our amazing company members. 

One thing Inventory Control Department Supervisor Herman Frome 5th is really good at is overseeing the approval of product quantities that will be available to Simple Cell customers. He's also good at maintaining a clean and organized warehouse space to help sorters pick through customers' orders.

What he's not so good at is NOT being allergic to shellfish. Sadly, he's a native-born Marylander who can't partake in picking crabs, swallowing oysters or peeling shrimp.

Oh, the horror of it all!

Get to know more about Herman below:

I've worked at Simple Cell since:

August 2012

What I really enjoy about working at Simple Cell is:

The family orientated atmosphere coupled with the "Work Hard, Play Hard" attitude. Opportunities for employees to grow and advance within the company. Fun company events that include potlucks, cornhole competitions and Christmas parties.

If I could recommend a product from the Simple Cell shop, it would be:

An Apple iPad. We have an extensive inventory of iPads to choose from that are great for work, personal life and holidays.

My spirit animal is:

Golden Retriever

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be:


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