Simple Cell Shop Earns Google Trusted Store Badge

As an online retail merchant, we pride ourselves in offering thousands of products at an affordable price. It's our goal to give customers an exceptional shopping experience from start to finish, and to make sure they are satisfied with their orders. We know that's how we do business, and now Google does, too.

Google Trusted Badge

We're proud to announce that Simple Cell Shop has earned a Google Trusted Store Badge, which you can now see on our product listings.

What is a Google Trusted Store Badge?

A Google Trusted Store Badge is given to online companies that consistently provide excellent services. It is based on the overall performance of shipping speeds, shipping, return costs and return windows. 

How is the Google Trusted Store Badge calculated?

Every merchant gets a Shopping Experience Scorecard, which is automatically calculated by Google and evaluated daily. Scores are based  on the shipping and returning experiences of customers and the ratings are: 

  1. Excellent
  2. Comparable
  3. Opportunity

Why is the Google Trusted Store Badge important?

According to Google, "last year in the U.S., 67% of holiday shoppers agreed Google helped them find new products, services or brands. Standing out to shoppers in those moments of inspiration and decision is critical." This goes to show how important Google is in inspiring and persuading customers to go with the best company and product.

We're proud to have received the Google Trusted Store Badge, and we promise to continue to build more trust with our customers!


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