Simple Cell Offers Local Device Repair with National Savings and Standards

Located in Eldersburg, Maryland, 35 miles northwest of Baltimore and 52 miles north of Washington DC, there lies a locally-run business that has helped people across the nation stay connected to each other in more ways than one. It's name is Simple Cell, and just like its name implies, its goal is simple: to provide savings and excellent customer service.

The brainchild of Nick Skelly and Chris Metzger, two friends who have a combined 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry, Simple Cell was created in 2008 to make sure that cell phone and electronics customers get 100% authentic products at affordable prices. Rather than fall victim to counterfeit and imitation products when shopping online, customers are guaranteed to get an iPad, Nintendo Switch or Samsung Droid that has been tested and inspected by a quality assurance team. What's even better is the fact that the customer can choose from brand new, open box or slightly used condition items to fulfill their earth-friendly and budget-friendly lifestyle.

Learn about the company below:

When you think about it, Simple Cell's mission has become more important than ever before. Since the last year and a half that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit, people of all ages have turned to technology to stay connected to each other. According to a recent Pew Research Institute study, 90% of U.S. adults say the internet has been important to them since the pandemic and 81% have talked to each other via video calls at least once. People have upgraded their internet connections and started texting more often. They've logged onto social media and sent more emails to stay in-the-know. And they couldn't do this without the very devices - laptops, smartphones, camcorders and more - that Simple Cell carries.

In addition to providing a way to connect people to each other, the company also provides a sense of comfort during these hard financial times. With so many people struggling financially because of job loss, declining health conditions or other personal matters, Simple Cell gives them the guarantee that they will offer the best, most affordable service and products. For example, you can get a like-new Apple iPad 12 or other product for a fraction of the cost. You'll not only be saving yourself money, but you'll also be supporting a local company that truly cares about its service to customers.

As an added bonus, you can even trade in our old Phone for instant cash:

Speaking of service, although most of the business for Simple Cell happens online, inside the Eldersburg headquarters located on Progress Way you'll find one of the coolest hidden gems in Carroll County. It's not the over one million electronic products that are cleaned, refurbished and shipped to customers in its 35,000 sq. ft. warehouse - although that is pretty cool. It's the handful of professional technicians who offer same-day device repairs!

Yes, you heard correctly. 

Simple Cell had been fixing consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles and more since 2013, but there was a desire to do even more for the local community. "We were already doing refurbishing and repairs, so it was a no-brainer to help the community since there was not a local Eldersburg repair shop," says General Manager, Jason Evans. So in 2019, Simple Cell Repair opened its doors to the public to give customers free quotes, a 90-day warranty and same-day fixes.

All of the technicians at the company are Apple-certified and have vast training in various consumer electronics. They use the latest technology to carefully repair your device, whether it be installing a tempered glass screen or case, or fixing that cracked smartphone screen you refused to replace in the last year. Watch to learn more about our repair services:

The repairs are not only fast (most parts if not in stock can be there in 1-2 business days), but they're also super affordable. "Our vendors we use for the parts offer great quality parts at reasonable prices," says Jason Evans, "which allows for our quality repairs at low low cost to our customer." It's a win-win for everyone involved.

To date, Simple Cell Repair has helped over 1,000 local customers stay connected - emotionally and literally - and it hopes to continue to grow its business nationwide. Even of you don't live near Eldersburg, you can still expect to get the same quality and commitment for your repair if you mail it in. Check out the Contact Us page here to get started on a repair, or discover all the cool deals offered at the Simple Cell Shop.

With an almost near-perfect eBay feedback score and Google reviews, your choice for consumer electronics is simple, right?