Protect Your Purchase with the CPS Extended Warranty Plan

One thing we take seriously here at Simple Cell is customer satisfaction. That's why we offer a 30-day return policy and have a 90-day warranty on all products. We want you to be happy with every purchase from Simple Cell Shop, so we'll do whatever it takes to maintain your trust and loyalty.

Speaking of customer happiness, in addition to offering payment plan options like Sezzle and Katapult, we also offer the Customer Priority Service (CPS) Extended Warranty Protection Plan. We know accidents happen, or people get mad waiting an hour for customer service and end up throwing their phone against the wall, or your toddler "accidentally" dumps his juice box all of your laptop. No device is ever truly safe, so it's good to consider an extended warranty plan that will give you peace of mind for your product purchase.

What Does the CPS Extended Warranty Cover?

As soon as you purchase the product and the plan, full coverage begins! The warranty covers 100% parts and labor, it includes accidental damage, and it includes free shipping.

What Kind of Plans Can I Choose From?

You can either choose a Replacement Plan or a Repair Plan.

  • Replacement Plan - For products under $150. If the product is damaged, you'll get a one-time replacement and be reimbursed for what you paid for the product minus shipping and tax.
  • Repair Plan - For products over $150. You'll get free repairs for up to three years (if you pick that plan) and coverage for your product any time during the life of your warranty. 

What Kind of Products Does the CPS Extended Warranty Cover?

The warranty covers every time of electronic device you can think of, including iPhones, iPads, headphones, gaming consoles and so much more.

How Much Does the CPS Warranty Cost?

You can start to protect your products for as little as $1.99 a month. And there is a zero dollar deductible.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Just watch the video to find out! 

Where Do I Sign Up for the Plan?

When you make a purchase from our shop, click whichever plan you prefer.


Don't let your purchase do unprotected! Choose a plan today!

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