OtterBox EasyGrab Tablet Cases Are Perfect for Kids

At Simple Cell, we have a lot of big brand name products that we're proud to sell on our site. But we have a special place in our heart for OtterBox, whose products were originally created out of a garage (just like us) and grew through the years because of hard work, innovation and risk-taking (just like us).

We're kindred spirits to the OtterBox family, so it only makes sense that we are extremely excited to offer one of their coolest products: the Apple iPad OtterBox EasyGrab Tablet Case.

Why is the EasyGrab case so cool? Because it's designed specifically for kids! That fact in itself will make a lot of parents happy, especially if they've become frustrated with cheap tablet cases that break easily and are just too big.

Check out some of the kid-friendly design elements of the case:

It's Built for Small Hands

The built-in handle is smaller and sturdier for tiny hands, and there are special grip ridges around the edge so growing hands can easily hold it.

Durable Construction

Made with heavy duty rigid plastic, the EasyGrab case can withstand all the bangs, throws, drops, tumbles, smacks, kicks and more that your kid will send its way.

Made for Travel

One of the coolest features by far is Trusty Multi-Use Case Stand, which can attach to a car's headrest securely! It allows for kids to view the screen from multiple angles.

Hands-Free Convenience

The flexible stand makes it easy for kids to watch their favorite shows from different angles.

Easy to Clean

It's designed to easily clean up sticky fingerprints, fallen crumbs and any other dirt and grime that comes its way.

Defends Against Germs

The case is infused with a silver-based additive that continually blocks microbial growth, helping your child fend of unwanted germs.

Cool Colors

Not only are the cases durable and germ-resistant, but they also come in cool colors with even cooler names like Galaxy Runner, Martian Green, Space Explorer Purple and Galaxy Runner Blue.

There's even a mobile charging & audio cable bundle...

that's so strong, stretchy and durable, it can take on any kid!

The OtterBox EasyGrab Tables Cases are fitted for Apple iPad 5th, 7th and 8th Gen versions. Grab one for your kid today before they sell out!

Click here to view the entire EasyGrab collection

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