How Buying Refurbished Products Saves the Environment

The time has arrived for you to replace your old Apple iPhone or game console, so you start to get excited. Then you log into your bank account and see that you have limited funds, so that excitement starts to die down. Then you realize that Simple Cell sells refurbished electronics, so you get excited again. Finally, you realized buying a refurbished product will help protect the environment, so you're full-blown jumping up and down!

What does refurbished mean?

Maybe we're a bit biased, but we take pride in the fact that we sell open box and refurbished products. Refurbished products are those that have been used before and then cleaned to look like new and tested to ensure functionality.

How does Simple Cell refurbish products?

All of the consumer electronics we have for sale in our shop are carefully inspected and tested by our trained technicians. If the product is unusable, we take all the necessary steps to make sure it's recycled in a safe manner to maintain our R2 certification. If it can be reused, we fix it so it's fully functional, we thoroughly clean it, and we include everything that would come with it if it was a new product.

What is R2 certification?

It stands for responsible recycling certification, and it's a requirement by the Quality Registrar's Corporation that your company follows a strict policy on managing used and end-of-life electronics through reuse and materials recovery.

Why is refurbishment important?

According to The Global E-Waste Monitor 2020, 53.6 Metric tons (Mt) of e-waste was generated in 2019 in the world. (E-waste consists of electronic products - smartphones, tablets, headphones, etc. - that are near the end of their life.) Of that, only 17.4% of that e-waste was collected and recycled. We don't know the fate of 82.6% of the e-waste, but we do know 8% was discarded and sent to landfills and 7-20% of it was exported illegally.

That's bad news for the environment.

When we let e-waste settle into the ground, take up space in our bodies of water and drift through the air, we're letting harmful toxins like CO2, mercury, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and more poison us. They also poison our plants, animals and surrounding environment. 

Why choose refurbished electronics from Simple Cell?

Buying refurbished products from us means you get less. Let us explain. By less we mean less money you have to spend on a computer or phone. And that means less overall waste accumulation in the environment, which means a more happier planet.

Also, every purchase comes with free 2-day shipping, a 90-day warranty and a 30-day return policy

Now that you know about our commitment to refurbished products and the planet, start shopping today!


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