20 Funny Pet Costumes on Instagram

Here at Simple Cell, we love more than just electronics. We also love pets! Whether they're furry and four-legged or smooth and slimy, nothing makes us happier than giving our pets the attention they deserve.

Okay, maybe we like dressing them up for Halloween a little bit more. A LOT more.

Because of our love for pets and Halloween, we wanted to put together 20 of our favorite funny pet costumes. We hope you get inspired by these adorable DIY and store-bought costumes featured on Instagram.

1. Pawsitively radical 80's duo.

2. From scrawny to brawny

3. Goat outta here, I'm trying to rest!

4. I'm having a beret good time. 

5. Two hunks of burning love.

6. Somebunny wants to be a chef. 

7. Feline fine about the fiesta!

8. I am NOT the slowest growing pumpkin in the patch!

9. So this one time, at Kraken camp...


10. "Be a shark," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. 


11. There's a new sheriff in town.

12. And they said I wasn't sweet.

13. No need to WONDER why I'm so fabulous. I just am.

14. I want some doggone chicken and waffles!

15. It's time to ROCK.

16. The ghost with the meowst. 

17. Chucky's got nothing on me!

18. I'm bustin' out of this joint!

19. Now thisssss isssss candy corn.

20.Someone's ROCKin' a sweet sweater!